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Inside Look

No Peace

So, here I sit in a peaceful silence. Well, silent except for the sound of my fingers on the keys. It’s a rare moment of solitude… something that comes far too infrequently in the life of single motherhood. Just me and my thoughts. No child wanting to brush my hair, pull on my arm (or leg), beg for a snack, or simply demand my attention.

Just the other day, I found myself quite exasperated with one particular loved one. I won’t name any names 😉 … but, she just kept calling and calling me.  At the time, I honestly didn’t know that she was calling me because I didn’t have my cell phone with me and I was not at home to hear my house phone. However, I did eventually get the text messages, missed call notices, cell phone voicemails, and yes…. even voicemails on my house phone. You would have thought there was some dire emergency. But, wouldn’t ya know… it was nothing at all really. I found myself a little annoyed as I listened to the very last message on my home voicemail “Shannon! WHY AREN’T YOU GUYS ANSWERING THE PHONE!?!”


Reeaaally?! Seriously?! What is it with people nowadays.  It’s as if someone has committed a great injustice by not being available at any given moment of the day. Remember when we had beepers/pagers and we had to send our number to the device and actually… wait for the person to return our phone call?  Or, how about, when we would call someone on the phone and leave a message.  And then actually be content to waiting for them to call us back?!  Now THAT was true patience exhibited.  Well… not really, but you get my point.

I can’t help but find myself slightly chargrined when catching myself at least a little upset that I haven’t reached someone at the exact time that I desired to reach them. Quite perversely, I find myself more than a little peeved when the same person contacts me 5 times in a row over a trivial matter simply because they didn’t reach me on the first attempt.

It’s really no wonder that the average child walks around expecting to have their every desire fulfilled “now.”  Look what we’re training them up to be… and quite unconciously too. I think that I’ll start turning my devices off for at least 1 hour a day.  Truthfully, I’ve made this same resolution in the past… but I quickly abandoned it, horrified at myself with the reality that I just couldn’t stand to do it.  Like a child, avoiding nap time… I was nearly afraid that I’d miss something.

And what exactly could I possibly miss?.. nothing more than a bit of peace and sanity, is the truth. Ah, such is life.


About Shan

I'm a hard working mom of 4 who LOVES to praise the Lord! My favorite things to do are spending time with my family and loved ones, cooking, baking, and of course... eating. I also enjoy a great conversation and meeting new and interesting people. I have an open mind, but I guard my heart. My philosophy is love and be thankful!


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